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Imagine having clean, spotless carpet for 1 year Guaranteed. How can we do this? We will do an extensive deep cleaning with our Rotary Jet Extraction. This method passes over your carpet 1500 times per minute cleaning all sides of the fibers and thoroughly rinsing so that no residue is left behind. We will apply our Soil & Stainguard which repels dry soil as well as liquid spills. We will leave you with a bottle of our "Spot Out" no-residue spot remover. We will also leave you with a guide to maintaining your carpet. You have access to us up to 3 times during the year at no charge for touchup cleanings. The benefits of this process are appearance, a healthier indoor environment, and longevity.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: As an extra benefit for our customers involved in this program, you will receive a 15% discount on furniture or tile floor cleaning. This discount will be active for 1 year from the initial cleaning.


Base Price $220 which includes 2 areas up to 500 sf

Additional areas can be added for $70 each.

A bathroom or Hall can be added for $40 each.

Pet Odor Treatment can be added for $20 per area.

Carpeted Stairs can be added for $7 each.

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