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What can I do to keep my carpet clean longer?

Just a few things can make a HUGE difference:

Frequent vacuuming is the single most effective thing you can do to keep your carpet clean longer.

Let's talk about that for a minute...How well does your vacuum work? Does the belt need to be replaced? Does the bag or canister need to be emptied? Does it have filters that need to be cleaned or replaced? Are you rushing through the job? These are some of the things you should address. What good does it do if you are vacuuming with a vacuum that isn't working properly or you aren't vacuuming properly? So how do you vacuum properly? Don't rush through it, change directions, allow your vacuum to lift the fibers. I recommend at least one time per week.

Remove your shoes at the door.

Think about the dirty parking lots you walk through, do you really want that grime in your house?, let alone your carpet! Take them off!

Remove spots before they take over.

I always recommend warm water and a clean white terry clothe towel first. Dampen the spot...agitate with a spoon..not a brush...rinse and absorb with the towel. Avoid walking on it till dry.

Mike Stone, Veteran Carpet Cleaning Expert

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