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Static Electricity in your home

Hi Friends,

I want to talk to you about static electricity in your home.

I know for me, getting shocked every time I turn on a light, touch someone, touch my cat and every other thing in my house becomes very annoying. Besides being annoying though, it can also be very damaging. We live in a world with all kinds of electronic gizmos & gadgets. Computers, tablets, cell phones, DVR's, Ipads just to name a few. These kinds of electronics can be damaged by static electricity.

There are a couple of ways that you can control this: Adding humidity to the inside of your home is one way, for example: humidifier or swamp cooler. Applying a Static Guard to your carpet after it has been cleaned is also very effective. This has been done for years in large computer rooms to protect data. We are also able to apply the same type of protection to the interior of our homes now. How nice would that be? Not getting violated in your own how! At Clean it Right Carpet Care, we now are able to perform this service for our customers.

Mike Stone

Veteran Carpet Cleaning Expert

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